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Autohome is a company Dedicated for the fabrication of pajamas or Roof tent (Dachzelt), to camp on the roof of your automobile, safely and securely, because they are created with a material resistant to any or all sorts of sites at which you require it.

This firm offers a Qualified staff, using an innovative Italian brand name patent, even using top superior substances and raw materials, it was a faithful companion for all the travel and also adventuresome customers it’s, consistently satisfying its own dreams of planting all their planet.

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Autohome, are the Sole ones from the town, that fabricate and market their products from Italy, their advertisements and promotion, are made by educated individuals from such a gorgeous nation, that allows the development of the product adequately and quickly.

This merchandise includes a 100% strong and caliber fiberglass, easy for specialists to handle with these types of tents, its housings are durable, streamlined and quickly detachable, and using the procedure through which they’re manufactured, it provides a increased warranty in the duration of the materials.

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The other of this Wonderful characteristics of these Roof Retailer (Dachzelt), is that they are fortified with a protecting fiber contrary to heat and cold, easy to wash and resistant towards the strongest cleaning products on the market.