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Sports broadcast (스포츠중계) started with papers and radio and continued with Television broadcasts and now it has evolved to a situation at which digital systems will also be included. This engineering facilitates the utilization of associations and individuals engaged in printing and reporting, and let them transfer broadcasts and data faster with top quality. Besides providing an benefit to people that produce the content, the material also supplies the viewer with space and also empowers access to articles without time separation.

Growing network from the media

The ease of access To electronic media articles, appeal to a larger audience, offering comments, and maybe not requiring a massive investment, making traditional media channels digital invited to start until the field. Certainly one of many locations that draw the interest of the people sports activities is seen in social media channels in addition to in conventional settings. It is now available for the masses. Within this way, face book, Twitter, and also societal media such as YouTube are just one of the absolute most used websites for the publication of sports-related content.

Produced in engineering

Examining the Digital transformation from broadcasting connected with athletics, which brings worldwide focus, which attracts societies together, and sometimes causes undesirable developments, will analyze the attribute of digital broadcasting and also its own future. It is important with regard to providing clues. Inside this study, much more in Turkey. It intends to test digital advancements in sports broadcasting, which have not been handled and upgraded previously.

The literature Review method was used from this study. Study information related to the world of Sports broadcast and digital websites from Turkey whose organizations’ webpages and academic studies about them are accessed. From sports journalism into sports broadcasting at the first region of the study. The next part is transferred into the digital transition and also improvements in the world of sports broadcasting in Turkey are all discussed.